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ICAEA (International Computer Auditing Education Association) is an international specialized agency that promotes the use of CAATs (Computer Assisted Audit Techniques) in internal audits and fraud investigations.

Currently, ICAEA are 20 countries have joined, ICAEA JAPAN will be the Japan branch (home page is here ).

The homepage of ICAEA International is here .


Our efforts

With the explosive improvement and expansion of computer processing power and storage capacity, the audit industry is also required to respond to such changes in the environment and further enhance audit procedures using computers and data.

Although CAATs are evaluated for their usefulness by auditing standards, the current situation is that they are not sufficiently widespread in auditing practice because know-how has not been accumulated in society.

ICAEA JAPAN trains specialists (CAATs engineers) who can utilize CAATs in practice in Japan by utilizing high-quality overseas contents and networks.

You can see the training results of ICAEA JAPAN here.

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