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About the meeting

About the meeting
2021 International Conference on Computer Audit will be held for the purpose of gathering and discussing people from four positions, an audit industry (Certified Public Accountant), regulators (FSA, UK FRC), business (internal auditor), research institutions (universities / graduate schools). These four positions are all interested in utilizing IT, including computer audit education and data analysis. 
The concept is below.

 "Understanding the current status, challenges, and future of data analysis in auditing, including overseas. ~ Understanding Data Analysis in Auditing from Four Positions~"

We would like to achieve our aims which it is for attendees to  understand that "What you should do now by understanding the current situation, issues, and the future direction of  Data Analysis in Auditing".
We try to be an open information sharing place in order to achieve above aims.

  1. Data analysis for auditing, machine learning technology

  2. Computer Aided Audit Techniques (CAATs)

  3. Continuous auditing and monitoring by application

  4. RegTech (Regulation Technology) by application

  5. Case study of computer audit education

  6. GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) by application

  7. Other related fields

* Please see here for the International site.

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